Thermal conductive silicone grease

Thermal conductive silicone grease

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Product introduction

Sc-6601 thermal conductive silicone grease is used for the contact surface between power amplifier tube and heat sink in electronic industry. It plays the role of heat medium and can also be used as the heat transfer insulation filling material for transistor and semiconductor transistor.

Product features

sc-6601 thermal conductive silicone grease as a heat transfer medium, has excellent electrical insulation and thermal conductivity, high and low temperature resistance, can work in the temperature range of - 60 ℃ ~ 250 for a long time, and will not appear air-drying hardening or melting phenomenon,The chemical and physical properties are stable.

Product parameters


White paste

Density (25 ℃) g / cm3



Cone penetration 1 / 10mm25 ℃




Oil separation 150 ℃ 24h





Volume resistivity Ω. Cm


≥ 1.0×107



 Dielectric constant 60Hz




Breakdown voltage kV / mm


≥ 5.0



 Thermal conductivity w / M.K